As a spiritual activist, I am committed to helping clients discover the power and strength that grows through having awakened a connection with their inner wisdom.


I want to help you live life with an intimate sense of who you are: a refined existence imbued with your deepest soul desires. Working with me will set you on a journey that has the potential to shape and change your life. Through a gentle, supportive and personal program, I will help you purposefully develop a deeper connection with your Higher Self. You will cultivate tools to allow you to cope with the stressors unique to your life with power and authenticity. I am deeply devoted to the wellbeing of my clients. My mission is to make the entirety of your experience full of exquisite comfort, compassion, respect and confidentiality.

With over 30 years of experience as a trained Yoga teacher, certified Life Coach and Master of Divinity, I am considered a specialist in human transformation. I have worked with a broad clientele, helping to expand the personal and creative energies of well-known actors, musicians and professionals.

I am delighted to focus on young women and mothers in developing positive relationships, and transforming obstacles into opportunities. Facilitating this transformation is my passion. My goal is to help you uncover your gifts and find the clarity needed to share them with the world.

With love & light,


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Martina has been an inspiration to me from the first moment we met. She has coached me at critical times when I needed clarity and guidance to achieve my highest goals with love, lightness, and laughter. I recommend Martina to both beginners on the Path, and to those of us who need a gentle reminder of who we really are.
— Frances Fisher, Leading Actress