Welcome to my page!

You have landed here and found me for a very special reason. You are a powerful, creative and conscious human being desiring to access your highest potential as an individual or through conscious coupling.

My deepest passion is to inspire you to live your life with the fullest expression of love, peace and joy.

My techniques allow you to deeply awaken your creativity, expand the power of love and develop a trusted connection with your spiritual self. I help to provide the framework within where you may access your greatest life possible. Together we ignite your innate birthright and transform pure potential into passion and purpose for your unique path.

I look forward to you joining me on this special journey.

With love & light, Martina

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Martina has been an inspiration to me from the first moment we met. She has coached me at critical times when I needed clarity and guidance to achieve my highest goals with love, lightness, and laughter. I recommend Martina to both beginners on the Path, and to those of us who need a gentle reminder of who we really are.
— Frances Fisher, Leading Actress