“Martina has been an inspiration to me from the first moment we met. Since then she has coached  me at critical times when I needed clarity and guidance to achieve my highest goals. She continues to support my achievements with love, lightness and laughter. I recommend Martina to both beginners on the Path, and to those of us who need a gentle reminder of who we really are.” 
Frances Fisher, Leading Actress

 “Since I have been working with Martina, my work life and personal life have been greatly enhanced. I am more focussed and am experiencing a renewed enthusiasm and commitment in both areas. Martina is a very skilled facilitator and coach who delights in helping others create what they want in life. Everyone needs a coach and I'm pleased I found Martina.” 
Michael Lee, Author/Teacher & Founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

"Martina is a true Dakini. Her radiant presence, her deep compassion, skilful guidance and friendly assertiveness have made sessions with her at once successful and enjoyable." 
Annette Cantor, Singer & Musician

“Martina, my blond angel.....you ARE magical…..thank you for being in my life, for being my friend and my magical angel-coach." 
Yvonne Hertach, Sculptor & Artist

"I can't tell you how much I value your coaching and support. Your wisdom inspires me and helps me to try and be a better and more soulful person. Thank you!" 
Jill Amison, Yoga Teacher

"With Martina's guidance, I have found new self confidence and strength. I believe in me and my abilities to create the life I yearn for, both personally and professionally. I am so honored and thankful for our sessions and look forward to our continued relationship." 
Portia Belmont, Writer

"In one session, Martina guided me through a process that made vast improvements to the manner in which I train towards my athletic goals. Martina's insightful guidance allows me to access confidence needed to attain my physical goals. Four months later and what I learned in that session has spilled over into how I treat clients and how I bring balance and happiness to my busy life." 
Neil Pearson, Chiropractor

“For me, the day was important because Martina possesses a healing quality in her very presence; she calmed me down and I felt very soothed and nourished. I teach yoga  and I know how essential that ingredient is in any kind of self-awareness work. It was like having a soul massage. Thank you.” 

“Martina's workshop both moved me and awakened me in a new way. I have begun to see myself in a different light, understanding who I am at a deeper level and seeing new potential in my abilities. The workshop has affected my family and professional lives but most importantly personal self acceptance. Martina is a gifted leader who is very grounded in both the physical and spiritual worlds.” 
Dave Freeze, Lecturer

“No more negative thoughts”. 
Jennifer Kobyll, Personal Coach

"With Martina's care, I could go to the depths and heal. I now draw on the strength of this experience and deeply understand my life's journey. I highly recommend Journeys of the Soul". 
Holly Stewart, Artist

“Wow! Your energy is contagious. You are so engaging and loveable.” 
Alice Caldeira

“My Ego is where it is supposed to be. I am living so much from my heart now.” 
Shorty, Australia