Programs and packages


In my programs I will facilitate different processes to expand your consciousness through clearing your past, being more aware in the present moment and to create the future of your desires.

We all can can experience some form of illumination, even if it is for a brief moment. I facilitate processes to experience this personal moment of expansion. 

These sessions are uniquely designed and are all private and confidential in one-on-one format.



Introduction session (via phone or in person)      Value $180/$250


My introduction session is based on the clients current issues. 

It might be a relationship situation, stress about time or money or too much emotional turmoil. 

The session can help to gain more clarity in a particular area in yourlife or you might establish where you are and where you want to go. Whatever you are choosing to become more aware of, you will have an insightful discovery and you will get a sense of your silent self.


Clearing Intensive(via phone or in person) Value $400/$600 


Four consecutive sessions to clear a specific emotional recurring imprint. These sessions are a concentrated attention, releasing a layer of an emotional upset and helps to increase more peace.



Refined Living Series, weekly sessions (via phone or in person) 

Value $1500


The 3 months committed investment into your self discovery will be designed for your particular needs. Every individual has a unique roadmap to joy. Finding your personal fulfillment, removing what is in the way and the tools to support you on your journey to a more refined and spiritual life experience is the goal of these sessions. 




Deep Exploration Sessions (in person only)   Value $2500 


This is for clients who want to dive deeper into their subconscious. It is specifically designed to clear childhood imprints and patternsaccumulated through past-lifes. The client will be staying at a hotel, away from their busy life (and cellphones) to be in the space of a personal retreat. 



VIP RetreatValue $5000


4 Days/3 nights, 6 months Follow-through program 


This personal retreat program includes different modalities to enhance a clients potential to be the best they can be. It is designed for clients who are truly interested to live their lifes imbued by their spiritual wisdom. Clearing the past will lead into a more present existence and unfolds a future which is designed from deep sense of self. Expect a rejuvenated body and expanded consciousness.

In a retreat setting of your choice we will spend days in peace and exploration of body, mind and spirit.







Better communication, more love and compassion, knowing your karmic connection will create a relationship that can be exemplary and deeply fulfilling.

Freedom to love each other from a place of trust and deep understanding, to grow as individuals and moving into a designed future together is the vision of this VIP couple retreat.

This will include reincarnation sessions, meditation, gentle Yoga, nature walks, mindful communication and silence plus exercises in consciousness.


A day with Martina (at your home)  Value $800


This day is designed to spend a day immersed in getting clear what you want, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. We will meet in the morning to start the day with Meditation/Yoga. We will look at your life from all angles and set the intention for the day.

We will create more flow within your self and your home to bring a renewed energy into you and your life. 


(Prizes do not include accommodation and expenses)