My Gift to you: Relaxation Meditation

I discovered the power and effects of relaxation when I was a young mother of a young baby. My baby did not want to go to sleep. Like most babies they have their own rhythm and they love to be alive so much, they even extend over their bedtime…

I was laying in bed my baby in my arms, wishing it would go to sleep. Nothing seemed to work and my frustration grew. At one point I became aware of my tense self and I started to make an effort to relax my body and me. Through a certain type of self talk and a certain breath, I relaxed my body and mind, calmed my emotions and the side effect of my relaxed energy: my baby fell asleep.

My gift to you: There is nothing more important than to be relaxed. Here is my recording; it might put you into a deep relaxation. The trick is to not move the body at all, be in complete stillness! Becoming motionless and truly relaxing is one of the greatest tools.

The Power of Peace is inside of us and sometimes a simple technique can be so potent.
— Martina