infinite self SESSIONS

This is for clients who want to dive deep into their subconscious and explore personal experiences with their Infinite Self.
It is specifically designed to clear childhood imprints and patterns accumulated through multi-incarnations. We all have lived multiple lifetimes and by bringing these experiences into our consciousness we can heal and expand to live a more inspired life, filled with compassion and love for self and in our relationships. A unique experience that only comes once in a life time!

The first day includes three hours of gentle guided exploration designed to uncover deep memories and experiences from childhood and this lifetime. In this process, we concentrate on bringing the Emotional Body into balance by communicating with the Inner Child. The first session will also focus on contacting your Infinite Self to help connect with your inner wisdom.

Commencing with the Introductory Session, the retreat concentrates on developing a deeper, lasting communication with your Infinite Self. The Infinite Self is the voice of your inner essence; it is what guides you through your lifetimes and it has the power to release energies that do not serve you. In the safety of the professional guidance you will be able to sink deep into your inner space to explore and release energies. Different themes that seem to occur in the current lifetime can be addressed and transformed.

The final session will facilitate access to the most positive experiences of your lifetimes, enhancing your divine qualities and allow you to live more fully in the light and guidance of your Infinite Self.

Since I have been working with Martina, my work life and personal life have been greatly enhanced. I am more focussed and am experiencing a renewed enthusiasm and commitment in both areas. Martina is a very skilled facilitator who delights in helping others create what they want in life.
— Michael Lee, Author/Teacher & Founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy