Meet Your Future Self

Want to know how celebrities and high achievers create the futures of their dreams?

They book “Meet Your Future Self” session with Martina!

What is it?

Meet Your Future Self just as we are setting our new 90-day goals. Let it help you design your success in 2016.

Meeting and communicating with your Future Self will help you experience more than you thought possible in life. With the direct guidance of your Future Self you will receive a road map that will let you create the future you're dreaming of. This exercise in consciousness evaporates your doubts and proves to you that your capabilities are much bigger and more powerful than you could have imagined.

Lighting up your path ahead with the clarity of your Future Self will help you to overcome times of doubt and confusion.

How does it work?

It’s a fully guided 1-on-1 session of up to 90 minutes length with Martina Parusel, facilitator and Guide for Refined Living with over 20 years experience.

Regular price $250. For my special 90 Day Year Friends, I am offering 5 slots for my highly effective “Meet Your Future Self” session for only $90. Book yourself in today. Offer has to be claimed by Jan 30th, 2016. The session is conducted online and will be recorded.

This session is most effective while you are working through the 90DY Road map and are setting your outcome goals for your next 90 days. It will let you dive deep into the future you are creating and will help you make any mindset shifts necessary to make it a reality.    

Here is what Fanziska, 90 Day Year alumni and Ambassador Coach, has to say about it:                                      

When I came back from the 90DY Live Event in September my mind had been blown. I heard so many talk about supersizing their income, 5x, 10x it, and I tried to imagine those kinds of revenue numbers in my own business. I realized that there was a definite mindset shift that had to happen - I simply could not see it for myself! The numbers seemed too big and completely out of reach for me. And I know that if you can’t even envision your goal your likelihood of reaching it is pretty minimal.

Martina has been a long-term friend and wise soul by my side. When I told her of my struggle to picture such a grand vision she offered to do her “Meet Your Future Self” session with me. It was the most amazing experience!

Her technique bypassed my doubting mind and took me right into the feeling of being the “Future Self” I desired. And even better, I witnessed my future version of me giving my “Present Self” the exact tools I need to reach my vision. No one could have mapped out a perfect step-by-step guide better for me than my own inner wisdom. I simply needed a skilled facilitator to help me access it. Highly recommended!”
— Franziska Neumann, Santa Fe
$250   $90