Transition of Death and Dying


 Death is part of life and is a profoundly transformative transition for everyone involved. Martina supports an individual during this very important stage of life, by helping them to come to a place of inner peace, balance and harmony.

She offers help to those in this transition, using light, so all fears and grief can be released and the individual can recognize their purpose and the Soul’s choice, making this passage a passage of expansion, exhilaration and freedom.

If someone has already passed, she helps the spirit go into the light-- bringing light and awareness to assisting in the transition of dying. Martina also helps caretakers to help the dying person be released into the light and releases any lingering residues.

What a beautiful service - all who attended felt so blessed to be there, to honour Hunter and savour the richness of the ways and flavours that unfolded as our offering to him. Everyone loved your guided meditation. Thank you, thank you so much for that wonderful gift.
— Lucinda Jones, Mother