Birth Blessing

Martina’s own births and upbringing of her three sons inspired her to be a “spiritual doula”.  Giving birth is one of the most powerful transformation a woman experiences in this lifetime.

She offers several sets of sessions, such as “Clearing the Parents”,  “Clearing the Child” to explore and release karmic blockages, vows or contracts between you and the child, as well as you and your parents, to create a wonderful state of balance and harmony. Any issues regarding difficulty conceiving or fears of giving birth can be addressed as well.

She is not only available to design a blessing ceremony, but creates a sacred environment before, during and after a birth.

We really can’t express in words how powerful this recent time we spent together really is beyond words. But suffice to say we are so honored you have been a part of our journey.
High Priestess Goddess!
— The Onofreys, Entrepreneurs