My Story

Martina Parusel, a Master of Divinity, assists actors, entrepreneurs, practitioners, and mothers who want to awaken the power and strength that comes from having a deep connection with their Higher Self.

Martina has travelled far in this life, both physically and spiritually. She was born and raised in Germany where she studied philosophy and theology; however, she left at an early age and moved to a small island in the Mediterranean. During this time, she connected deeply with nature, wrote poetry, and was introduced to meditation and yoga. Her yoga practice awakened deep memories in her, especially of her healing abilities. 

Deeply moved by this experience, Martina wished to share her love of nature, joy and healing with others. So, with several stops along the way to continue her studies of unique healing modalities, she travelled to Santa Fe, New Mexico. There, she received in-depth training and was ordained a minister by Chris Griscom, the founder of The Light Institute, a world-leading spiritual center. Martina taught at the center for many years, facilitating the spiritual journeys of an international clientele.

Martina is the mother of three sons and is passionately inspired by children. She created a successful health product business that helped support children all over the world as well as a pilot program that still feeds African children to this day. She also co-created a youth-centered educational initiative designed to develop future world leaders based on the principles of Global Consciousness. 

Now situated in Vancouver, Canada, Martina continues to employ her talents in the positive transformation of people’s lives. Her well-honed skill set of empathy and compassion, and an awareness of her own Multi-dimensionality allows her to provide sophisticated and exquisite treatments for each individual.


Martina is a true Dakini. Her radiant presence, her deep compassion, skilful guidance and friendly assertiveness have made sessions with her at once successful and enjoyable.
— Annette Groenfeldt, Singer